All Addison, All The Time

We got home late last night from Colorado and we're in the midst of Addy-withdrawal. There's nothing as sweet as holding a newborn in your arms for the first time (or second or third or fourth time).

Each afternoon, John & Rachel would take a nap, trying to catch up on some much needed rest, leaving the new grandparents in charge of cuddling Addy. And we tried valiantly to live up to the challenge. It was a hardship (NOT) but I can safely say that Addison never left our arms. (geez, couldn't they take a longer nap? Two hours just flies by when you're watching the faces a newborn makes.)
We would occasionally let Uncle Gary share the baby-holding duties. Gary was absolutely fascinated by Addison - and absolutely petrified that he would break her. Rachel had to cajole Gary into holding her the first time. You could see how fascinated he was by her size, and how unbelieving that he had ever been that small.

And somehow or another, Addison inherited the same toes as Gary.
Long, slender monkey-toes. Tiny little toes that are the same length as her fingers. When she's older, I'm sure Gary will give her pointers on what she can do with those toes - or is that (hopefully) just a 'boy' thing?

(You can see more Addison pictures here.)

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Wenona said...

Beautiful! Gee, do you think grandpa is in love?

I'm so sorry you're having to go through withdrawals. They'd better send pictures every day.