I'm In My 40's

By the time you read this, Wenona will no longer be able to make that claim. At 12:01 a.m., she will officially be the big 5 oh. (She's trying to say she won't turn that corner until 7 tomorrow night. That's not the way it works, honey!) All week she has been telling anyone and everyone who would listen, "I'm in my 40's". As in, "I'm going to buy this yarn because I'm in my 40's"”. Or, "I think I'’ll have hot chocolate, because I'’m in my 40's". You get the idea.

So how does one celebrate the last day of "in my 40's"? With presents -
one to celebrate "still in my 40's" (the Summer edition of Interweave Knits with its primer on lace knitting and the Icarus pattern) and another for the actual birthday (a book on knitting socks and a skein of Trekking yarn. Do you see a pattern here?) (No pun intended) -

and lunch - and a knitting class - the start of our once-a-month afghan-square-of-the-month class. Wenona is the most advanced student, a fact that she took care not to rub in our faces. (NOT) As in, "I already know how to purl because I'm in my 40's."

- and yarn shopping - and knitting and nibbling with good friends. And she can still sit with her legs tucked under her in a chair. But tomorrow. Ah, tomorrow. 50 year olds have to sit with their feet on the floor. And a pillow behind their backs. Because they aren't in their 40's anymore. Enjoy it while you can, m'dear. 'Cause as of midnight, you'll be joining the rest of us in the 50's club.

More News:

I can knit!! And purl!
I love crochet and haven't really wanted to learn to knit before now. I took a class last year but it never 'took'. Then I discovered socks. I love crocheted socks, but there are far more - and better - patterns for the knitted version. So I'm determined to finally learn to knit. Today's class was an eye opener. It's easy. And fun. Sally's a great teacher - plus I'm more motivated now. WhooHoo! I can knit!

As pleased as I am about my day, mine wasn't anywhere near as good as Lisa's. Today was her 9 month job review. Let's just say I think they like her. And are planning to keep her around for awhile. And showed their appreciation with a significant raise. Congrats, Lisa! You deserve it.

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Wenona said...

I'm reading this at 11:15pm....and.... I'M STILL IN MY 40'S.
Thank you for spending the last day of my 40's with me. It was a lot of fun getting gifts, knitting, yarn shopping, lunch, hot chocolate but best of all being with my friend(s).
btw: Your knitting looks great!