Good Luck Socks

In celebration of Election Day (and the end of my volunteer work on the Measure P6 campaign!), I give you . . . . .

ta da

my good luck Patriotic Socks. Every time I look at them though, I think of this guy:This is the third or fourth pattern I've made from the book Crocheted Socks! and I've loved everyone of them. This one is Easy Does It by Janet Rehfeldt.

I tried to match up the stripes and was fairly successful on the cuffs, but the further I got down the foot, the further off the stripes became. But if I hold my feet like this . . . . the stripes match but my feet don't.

I hurried to finish these tonight so I can wear them tomorrow as we 'get out the vote' and await the election returns. I'm calling them my 'good luck socks' in anticipation of victory. We're all nervous about the results, since we need 2/3's of the voters, not just 50%, to say 'yes'. Tomorrow will be spent getting voters to the polls, so cross your fingers for us. And if you live in Ventura - please vote Yes on P6!

(Tech Specs: 100% wool sock-weight yarn, handpainted by Woven & Spun. Size "D" and "C" crochet hooks. The heels uses a split single crochet & is thicker than the heels I've done before. It will be interesting to see if they are comfortable or if the thicker texture is rough on my feet.)

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Woven N Spun said...

Love em! Very patriotic.

ladylinoleum said...

I love these more than words can express...I'm going to vote later! I'm in LA Co. so I cannot help you on your ballot initiative, but there are tons of others that effect us all...

I need that sock book.