Baby, It's Cold Outside

Well, as cold as So. California gets. The wind is howling around the house and it's supposed to get down to the low-30's tonight. Not as cold as where Addy is - they got 5" of snow yesterday - but cold enough for me. And my studio is a lightly insulated 'garden' room, with lots of windows. It's chillier in here than the rest of the house.

Want to see my
new favorite thing? Oh, yeah. My very own portable room heater. Sitting right by my feet. Turned up on 'high'. That plus a cat-on-my-lap equals lots of warmth!


Anonymous said...

The pictures of Addy are fabulous! It must have been so incredibly hard leaving her in CO...who cares if her parents are there!

30 degress at night...you are having a heat wave - it's 17 here at night! :) v