A Fair-ly Good Day

Today was my day to work the Guild's booth at the Ventura County Fair. Nona designed and built our booth, which took a BLUE RIBBON! Yeah, Nona!
I volunteered for the first day because I thought it would be less crowded than later in the week - and to check on my entries. I'm a tad bit impatient (ok, a *lot* impatient) and knew I couldn't wait until later in the week to see how I'd faired. (sorry)

Since this was the first time in 20+ years that I'd entered items, I was really unsure how I'd do. And I was thrilled to find this: and this: and these: and an Honorable Mention for my handspun. I'm really pleased with this ribbon; I've only been spinning for a year and there was some strong competition in this category.
Plus two firsts, a second,
and two honorable mentions for my scrapbook pages. Out of the 13 items I entered, I took home 11 ribbons. Not bad for a beginner!

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS; I am so thrilled for you! I certainly am NOT surprised however. :) v

Anonymous said...

Beginner, HA! Mom a week after you start anything no one would call you a beginner! You master every thing faster than should be fair!(Hehe, sorry) Why couldn't I have gotten more of those genes?

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Congratulations! It is fun, isn't it? I'm entered in the L.A. County Fair for the third year and can hardly stand to wait till September to find out how I did!

Glad you did well!