Back To The Grind

Marie starts back to school on Monday so she decided to take some time off this past week. Working two jobs - three if you count the students she tutors - and going to college full-time leaves very little time for sleep or a social life.

First up was a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.
Marie and Jen were planning to go for their joint birthdays back in June, but Marie (egged on by Jen & others) 'overindulged' the night before, in celebration of her 21st birthday. Something about an amusement park with a queasy stomach and pounding headache just didn't appeal to her. Fortunately, their tickets didn't have an expiration date so they were able to use them this time.

The ladies also attended the rodeo on the last day of the Ventura County Fair.
From her description, it would almost have been worth braving the last-day crowds and the horrendous traffic jam to see the show. Very colorful, very entertaining. Starting Monday, Marie will be back to the grind. She's taking classes 4 nights a week plus one on-line class, with lab, for a total of 18 units. And planning to maintain her "A" average. Not my idea of a fun time. Good luck, Marie! Don't forget to get some sleep occasionally.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day. Happy 21st Marie!