She’s finally (almost) here!

I signed up for this weekend of Tula Pink classes the first day - almost the first hour - registration was open last November. Friday night is a lecture by Tula, along with a meet-and-greet. 

Saturday is a machine quilting class to make “Shoreline”, a free Tula pattern (scroll down after clicking the link). There was no “homework” (prep work) for this class, but I’ve already got all my fabric cut and ready to go. I’m just a little excited. 

Sunday is English paper-piecing, to make the hand-stitched Tula Nova. I’ve got the pattern, papers and templates, plus a few pieces of fabric, mostly in blues. Part of the workshop is Tula explaining how to pick additional colors and fabrics and how to fussy-cut for best effect. That should be worth the price of the workshop, all by itself.


Vickie said...

Color me GREEN!!