Busy Friday

Fridays are usually grandkid-less but today we ended up with all four of the little darlings (that’s a good thing) and had lots going on. 

Jac and Donovan played blocks and cars together and neither hit/pushed the other (it happens mostly by accident). 

Leanne built a very nice volcano for school and got to watch it erupt (sadly, I didn’t get to see that part).

We dyed eggs using the CoolWhip and food coloring idea that’s making the rounds. 

Our verdict? Don’t bother.

The girls had fun playing with colors 

and it wasn’t a huge mess to clean up, so not a total loss, 

but the amount of color that stayed on the eggs was just sad. 

 Don’t let it ouuuuuuut!

And last but not least fun-wise (all photos by Leia), 

Pop saved the box from our new toilet

which guaranteed an entire afternoon of fun.

Love these silly kiddos.