Pop saw the Reagan Library’s Pompeii exhibit about a month ago and, ever since, we’ve tried to find a day we could take the girls.

We almost made it last week - pre-teen attitude, for the win! - but today was perfect, both attitude and weather-wise.

Leia was at the Library on a school field trip a few months ago (they didn’t visit the Pompeii exhibit). 

 Using the TelePrompTer 
She was excited to show us all her favorite things and I was pleasantly surprised at how much she remembered. 

 Riding with Ronnie
We had to practically run to see everything she wanted to revisit. 

The girls’ favorite exhibits? Air Force One - but not the helicopter because “it was too small” and the Berlin Wall -  both the kid-friendly crawl-space and the outdoor “real” wall.

The Pompeii exhibit was well done but seemed smaller than the show Pop and I saw in Denver? Leanne is studying volcanoes in school right now, so she was interested in the eruption. Leia cried when she realized the ‘statues’ in another section were real people who had died in the disaster. Kinda wish we’d skipped that part with the girls. 

Glad Pop bought a family membership on his last visit since there are several good shows - including Leonardo da Vinci - coming to the Library this year. And bonus -  it’s only 20 minutes from our house.