When A Zoo Is Not A Zoo

We figured out while enroute to our favorite local museum that it was closed on Mondays. Since we had promised Leanne a special outing on our last day in Colorado, this was Really Not Good.

Thank goodness for old-time local bloggers and that nice Mr. Google. 

Before Leanne even realized something was amiss, we were on our way to Swetsville Zoo in Fort Collins. 

It's more sculpture garden than zoo, 

with a winding path through whimsical creatures,

both big 

and small;

space vehicles, 




and more.

I handed my camera to Leanne when we arrived

and she did me proud,

taking over 200 pictures -

including this self-portrait - 

during our 40-45 minute visit.

 Spark plugs for dinosaur teeth.

We had the park all to ourselves


and had fun wandering through the sculptures 

and enjoying a beautiful fall day. 

Hate to admit it, 

but I’m kinda glad the Discovery Museum was closed today.