Day of Shopping

We spent most of today shopping and traveling between shopping.

Leanne was a real trooper while we visited antique stores, repurposed salvage stores, quilt stores, craft stores and more. Her reward? After every store where her behavior was good, she got one candy pixie stick. She was thrilled. (I ❤️ little kids!)

She also earned $$ to spend on whatever she wanted. She held onto her dough until we were almost done and then fell hard for Tabby Kitty. It was truly love at first sight. 

The most memorable store, hands down, was in the small town of Berthoud*. This picturesque, in-door, open air antique store (Leanne: I can see my breath!) also had a strong, authentic eau-de-bovine scent.  The owner says they try to stay open until Christmas but she doesn’t think they’ll make it this year. #toocold #noheating They had interesting stock, so we’ll probably go for another visit when it’s warmer.

* This teeny tiny town also had a great quilt store - Laughing Ladies Quilting. Hoping to go back for a longer visit next time we’re in Colorado.