Leanne's Quilt

After an emergency run to the local quilt shop for new border fabric*,

Leanne's project is officially ready for its trip to the long-arm quilter.

Doesn’t she look proud? As well she should - Leanne was involved in the decision making every step of the way, from picking out all the fabric to selecting the layout (I tried to talk her into another design - any other design - but she knew what she wanted. And she was right . . .)

Putting the back together turned out to be the hardest part of the entire thing. Saving a few pennies by buying 2.5 yards instead of 3 meant major math headaches for me.

I was afraid all those seams would be a lot more noticeable than they are. Want to see how much fabric I had left over??

One tiny pillow's worth. Now that’s cutting it close!

* I had at least 15 shades of pink fabric in my stash, but Leanne and I agreed that none of them was “right”. Shopping was our only option.