Better Than Trees

While the adults went to TEDx yesterday, the little girls had a craft-video-dressup day. My local quilt shop had a super cute idea for button Christmas trees, so I brought the necessary bits and pieces with us from California.

And what do little girls do when presented with crafty bits and no adult supervision preconceived ideas? They make Royal Enchanters!

 Queen Enchanter

Addy says: This is the Queen Enchanter. She has wings and a rainbow crown with all the colors except black and white. Her dress is different color buttons. She has eyes and earrings. The clear buttons are her necklace.

 Princess Enchanter

Leanne says: I made a Princess Enchanter and named her Twinkles. She has a crown of different colors and invisible wings over her hands and arms. I gave her a dotted dress. She has special eyes, cheeks and nose.