Friday we took Leia to see “Something Rotten” at the Ahmanson Theatre in downtown LA.

We arrived with over an hour to spare - we weren’t taking any chances with Black Friday traffic! - 

giving us time to have lunch, admire the scenery, 

 “How much longer?? I’m borrrrrrrrrrred.” Only 10 minutes to go!

and for Leia to make a friend while playing in the fountain.

I’d scored discount seats in the fourth row (!!!) giving us a great view. 

If you have a chance to see this, GO! It was hilarious, with songs we are still humming days later. 

 Checking out the orchestra pit.

On Saturday, I started a quilt top for the new grandboy

 So boring! Rip and restart.

and on Sunday Leanne helped me rip it apart.

  Leanne insisted she needed my cheater specs to see the stitches. Personally, I think she just liked the pink.

The colors looked fine in the quilt shop but once I had it on the design wall, it just looked drab. It’s on hold while I wait for the postal service to deliver the perfect (I hope) replacement fabric. 

This was Leanne’s first time using a seam ripper and she got it right the first try. I’m hoping she continues to enjoy ripping, cause there’s going to be a lot of it before this quilt is done...