Free the Ladybugs!

While we were at Osh on Monday, Leia spotted the ladybug display. . . . Want to guess what came home with us? And you know what? It's the best entertainment value ever for the $6 I spent!
Leanne wasn't sure what the crawly things were and, at first, didn't want any part of them. 
But whatever "HayHay" does, Leanne must do, 
so they were soon happily hunkered down, watching the ladies wander out of their container and into the well-watered area we had prepared for them.
Leanne drew the line at actually touching the ladybugs - or letting them touch her - 
but Leia couldn't get enough of them crawling around on her fingers and hands.
I expected most of the ladybugs to fly off - 
which is what's happened when I've released them in the past - 
but they must have liked their new digs; 
they were still around
late into the afternoon.
This turned out to be a great summer activity that both girls loved. Maybe I can  repeat it in August, when they're starting to get bored? Something to think about.