Kitchen Milestone

We've Hubby's been working on remodeling the kitchen for awhile, and Monday we hit a big milestone.
The granite counter tops are done!

Hubby did all the set-up and prep work, with construction-grade plywood installed on top of the cabinets he just finished building.
I had no idea how much work was involved in installing counter tops; turns out they are just 'rough cut'/shaped at the factory.
It took 4 guys, working hard for over 8 hours, to do the final shaping, polishing and placing everything just right.
It was amazing to watch - the center section under the window, where the sink will go, was carried in and out of the house at least three times before it was right. That's what, 400-500 pounds of awkward, dead weight being hauled in and out? Not an easy - or fun - job.

We loved this granite when we saw it in the slab yard and we love it even more now. 
So many different colors and movement patterns. Makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen.

Which was exactly the effect we were going for.


captainhook said...

Gorgeous! What a great kitchen this is becoming!