Block-A-Day Update

I started a bit later than the original Block-A-Day group - who had their 30-day/30-blocks check-in this past weekend - so by my count, I should have 27 blocks done as of today.
Not quite 27 - there's 20 total - but not bad either for someone who's finished 2 other quilts so far this month. (Details on those after they're gifted.) 
These eight are the latest additions. I'm burning through fat quarters faster than expected, so I added 3 more FQ's this weekend. And I bought my first 'whole bolt' of fabric -
I'd already purchased all my 2 local Joann stores had in stock, so when I found out Woodland Hills had 8 yards - and nobody else had any - hubby and I made an emergency run down the freeway Sunday afternoon.
Now that I'm attempting a queen-sized shoo fly quilt (in a pattern like the cheddar version above), it would be a shame to run out of background fabric before it was done. 



Vickie said...

Your blocks are wonderful!!