Tie Dye, Round 2

We had such fun with the first batch of tie dye, I decided to do it again so Leanne could join the fun.  
Right after Tuesday's ladybug freedom parade, we filled the dye bottles with water and the girls shook, shook, shook to mix it all up,
while I wrapped rubber bands around damp shirts in the girls' chosen designs.
 Probably should have tightened the top more. . . 

Not many pictures of the painting process, but the girls had a blast. 
We left the shirts to soak overnight, then I washed them Wednesday, adding a cup or so of vinegar to the first rinse/spin cycle to set the dye. Have to remember that next time since it's not in the directions.
And the results? Awesome!
In all the pictures below, Leia's shirts are on the left; 

Leanne's are on the right.

Marie wanted a red, white and blue shirt for Leanne to wear on the 4th, so we did those first,

then used the remaining dye, plus the yellow that came in the kit, to make the second set of shirts.

And this time, Leia knew the green color was coming; she told Leanne "watch this" and then explained that yellow + blue = green. So proud of my little monkey.
More accurate color for the patriotic shirts.