Patriotic Crafting

I may have gotten a tad carried away planning 4th of July crafts for the little girls. I'd forgotten that Leia was leaving Tuesday night for her mom's family reunion, so we tried to cram all the fun into one day so she wouldn't miss out.

We freed the lady bugs, tie dyed shirts, 
drew on the driveway with chalk (ok, maybe not so patriotic, but it was fun!),
made magic wands
tutorial here; I used duct tape rather than washi tape
and drew on the driveway some more after naps.
Leia's practicing her curtsy.

Even with that, I still had projects left,
so when Leanne came over on Thursday, 
she and I painted fireworks with glitter glue.

Don't you love her concentration?
She worked so hard to get her pictures just.right
Hope your holiday is just right too. Happy 4th, y'all!