Wonky Blocks

 Leia and I headed out early this morning,
Note the crocheted sparkly purse and the tie dye shirt we made last week. We're stylin'!

on our way to the dollar store - for craft supplies, although a red wig somehow found its way into our cart - 
Joann's for more craft supplies - including a wooden treasure chest somebody couldn't live without -
lunch with Auntie ReeRee 
and Osh for yet more craft stuff and, oh yeah, weed killer for Pop.

And I still had the energy time to make today's block-a-day* 
to go with yesterday's set for a grand total of 8 blocks now.
Woot - closer every day to a queen size quilt for our bed.

*Not happy with how these blocks turned out. Taking them tomorrow to the quilt doctor - aka my pal Debbie - to see what I'm doing wrong. The center points are better but the small squares are just wonky.