A Very Good Day

Went bead shopping - and lunching - with my SIL and her bestie, Vickie and Ellen, and their buddies from the Antelope Valley area. Don't get to see them very often so had to take advantage of the opportunity - three bead stores plus Urbane Cafe (portobello sandwich - yummmm) in less than 4 hours. Tired but happy - and very glad I don't have to drive 3 hours to get back home. 
Came home to find the window installers doing their thing. Love my pretty new kitchen windows. The installers will have to come back to finish up once the counter-tops are in place, but that should be minor. Progress!
Finished the second block for my block-a-day-along and cut out the pieces for tomorrow's block. I think I'll get more done if I have the pieces all ready to go each day, so all I have to do is sit down and sew.
Pretty flowers from one of the bead shops. Love these colors. 



Vickie said...

SOOOO happy you could join us! WHY oh WHY do we make it so long in between?