Tie Dye

Joann's is a very dangerous place for me; I always find something I hadn't planned on that is simply irresistible. Case in point: last week, Leia and I went to buy zippers. Just zippers. But somehow a tie dye kit jumped into the cart, along with two child-size t-shirts. 
So today, while Leanne was napping, Leia and I headed outdoors and back to the 70's. The tie dye instructions said to wash the shirts before dyeing, but I figured drowning them with the garden hose served the same purpose (and was lots more fun for Leia.)
Then squirt bottles to the ready, we got down to serious business. My favorite moment was when Leia accidentally mixed two colors on the shirt and yelled, "Hey! Where did that green come from?!!!" 
The kit came with plastic gloves but they didn't do us a lot of good. 
We had color everywhere - hands, bricks, grass, shoes - 
but clean up was fun and most of the dye will wear off, eventually, right? (crosses fingers . . . )
The shirts have to sit for a day before we can rinse the dye out and see our results.
Stay tuned for Tie Dye, Part II.


captainhook said...

Your grandkids are so lucky to have you in their lives! You are so much fun!