The Week In Pictures

Remember "my" quilt?

I think I'm losing the battle. Leia stayed here Monday since she was sick ("I have the flute Grandma. I threw up 3 times.") and spent most of the day wrapped in the quilt, Ipad in hand.
It may look questionable, but progress is being made on the kitchen. New windows are on order and a new sink has been selected. Next up - picking granite!

Tuesday night was Naia's school awards ceremony

where she was honored as"Most Improved" on the varsity girls basketball team. (And she has a 3.75 GPA. So proud of her!!)
Leia entertained herself through the long ceremony with a pair of painters goves she'd filched from Pop's stash.
Future proctologist?

I started a new project - want to guess what it's going to be? - 

 after I cleaned out the rather disgusting bobbin assembly. Kinda proud that I've done enough sewing lately to get it this dirty . . .

And finally, matching toesies -

Leia's picture of Leanne

and Leanne's picture of Leia.

 Gotta remember to put my good camera out of their reach next time . . . Happy weekend, everyone!


Marie said...

Is it just me or does Leia's picture of Leanne look a lot like a childhood picture of Breanne?