Patriotic Hat

I made another Bellisfaire Beanie for Addy, trying out a thicker yarn* that's closer to what the pattern specified. 
This is the same pattern I used with my silly models (here).  Turns out, I got the yarn size correct the first time - this one is stiffer than the others and a couple of inches shorter, since I had less yarn with which to work.
Leanne was kind enough (read: bribe-able) to model for me, even though she wasn't feeling good. 
In addition to making it shorter, I added a row of white surface crochet and two buttons to complete the patriotic look.
This is more of a 'cap' than a 'beanie' but the little girls don't care one way or the other; both styles are cute, especially on them. (Yep, I'm biased.)

*I used Tahki Classic Cotton Lite (sport weight) for the first two hats and regular Cotton Classic (DK weight) for this one. 


captainhook said...
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captainhook said...

So very cute!