Opposite of Irony is Wrinkly

My favorite hubby took a break from grouting floor tile,
and removing 35+ year old counter tops,
which had, apparently, been cemented so they would stay in place forever,
to build me a new ironing board. And I am thrilled.
Last week, the old one decided to fall on Leanne's head (she wasn't hurt, not even really scared - but I was!) a day before the pin holding the legs fell out and the whole thing dropped on my toes. Think it was trying to tell me something??
I'd been thinking of replacing it with something more practical for quilting and the necessity of pressing yards of fabric at a time. Hubby took apart the old board; fixed the wonky legs; cut a nice, big, wood board,
with sweet curved edges

and screw-in knobs so it can be removed if needed,
then stapled on the heat-resistant fabric I bought two years ago or so  . . . .
and voila! 
A new treasure for my sewing room. Love it! 


captainhook said...

The opposite of irony is wrinkly--hilarious! Love the ironing board. Congratulations!