Easter Huggy Bunnies

Meet the Bunnies -
from the left: Pauline, Philomena and George. I'm sure the little girls will change the names, but for now, that's what the bunnies told me they want to be called.
 Blue/green mix for Addison

This was an easy project. The free pattern - Huggy Bunny from Stitch11  - was great and I followed it almost exactly. The only real difference was I stuffed the arms and legs lightly rather than leaving them unstuffed.
Pink  for Leia

If I make these again, I'd use buttons for the eyes and noses. Attaching the safety pieces to this extra bulky yarn* was a royal pain - and I'm still not sure they will stay put. The buttons on Leanne's look just as cute, were easier to install, and I know they'll stay where they belong.
Yellow for Leanne

Addy's new baby goes in the mail tomorrow. I can't decide if I should give Leia and Leanne theirs on Easter or before. It may come down to whether or not Grandma can keep a secret that long . . . 

*More details on my Ravelry page here. Yarn is Bernat Baby Blanket that I found on sale online for $2.50 per skein. Love a good sale! 


Vickie said...

Cute, cute, cute!