Meow Dress

Leanne luuuuvs my cats*, so when I found this kitty fabric, 
I knew exactly what it needed to be.
The dress is a bit big - plenty of growing room, although as fast as she sprouts up, it won't be big for long - but she loves it, 
especially the embroidery.
I asked her what the word said. Leanne: "kitty says meow". Me: "No, what does just the one word say?" Leanne: "kitty says meow!", looking at me like I was a bit dense.
So I guess the dress says "kitty says meow". Easiest 3 three words I ever embroidered.

*Lily Kitty wants n.o.t.h.i.n.g. to do with Leanne or Leia; it's the highlight of Leanne's day when Lily allows Leanne anywhere near her. And getting to pet her?? Such excitement. AJ, at 15, is much more tolerant of the little girls - or maybe it's just become too much effort to get out of their way.