Beading With Leanne

A friend and I were shopping the clearance aisle at Aaron Brothers when I spotted a kid-friendly beading kit for $1.98. I thought Leanne, my little puzzle loving princess, might get a kick out of it, so home with me it came. 
I really thought this would be 15 minutes of fun, then she'd be done and on to something else. 
She was still happy and focused over 45 minutes later.
Once I saw her concentration, and how hard she was working to get string through bead, I switched her over to a darning needle.
Talk about thrilled! Getting to use grandma's "big girl needle" and the ease of putting beads to string made her even more attentive.
After a couple of hours, we put this away for the day, but the next afternoon Leanne asked to do more beading - and actually finished her necklace. 
I love how hard she worked on this - her concentration was so fun to watch. I'm thinking Grandma may have a crafting buddy in a few more years.

P.S. I asked Leia if she wanted to do some beading and this is the look I got.
Much more interested in hanging out with Pop and eating her sandwich.