Down and Dirty, Fast and Flirty

Playing a bit of catch-up. I'm behind on posting FO's, so here's a mishmash of projects:

A dress for Leanne.
This is my best one yet, with a double row of top-stitching on the shirt, plus I used my new rolled-hem foot to make an almost perfect edging. Need a bit more practice there. 
Leanne loves it, especially when I pointed out the Hello Kitty fabric.
We made up a story - the kitties are trying to swim across the water (the blue fabric band) so they can play with Nemo and his friends. I started to say "snack on" Nemo but "play" seemed better for a 3-year-old.

A hat for Mary. 
Saw this in a magazine but didn't pay much attention until a customer came into the shop looking for help with the pattern. 
The construction is neat. A fast project and lots of fun. If it fits, and if Mary likes it, I can see making a lot more of these. Details on my Ravelry page here.   

I'm not sewing up the last seam, nor weaving in my tails, until I'm sure this fits. Sizing info in the pattern was pretty, shall we say, unhelpful open to interpretation.
Samples for a class.
I'm teaching Hearts, Hearts, Hearts! at Eweniversity next week. My idea is that these could take the place of flowers as a decorative element on hats, jeans, etc. Fast, fun and done.