Yarn Turkey

Leia came home from daycare with the outline of a turkey on a big piece of paper and instructions to embellish it any way she wanted before returning it for display until Thanksgiving.
Leia takes her artwork very seriously, so we talked for a day or so about what she might want to do. Leia decided she wanted to paint the turkey and then glue on some yarn.
The painting portion was over pretty quickly, in part because it was slow going with a small brush and a big turkey. But mainly because the next part involved SCISSORS! Leia was very excited that she got to cut the yarn by herself (with close supervision by granma.)
Three kinds of glue later, she was satisfied. All that was left was to sign her art - and try, unsuccessfully, to get all the adhesive off both our hands. 
Again, I'm biased, but I think it's a darn nice turkey. And that she's a very silly 4 year old.