Birthday Girl

Addy had a full day of celebrating her 6th birthday. She got to open one present when she woke up and loved the Barbie slugbug her daddy got her.

Then we went to lunch in downtown Loveland - great food at Henry's Pub - and visited a few stores before it was time to head home and change for Addy's horseriding lesson.

Addy's been taking lessons, on and off, for about a year, and she loves it. Big surprise that a 6-year-old girl loves horses, right?

And she bosses that horse around like nobody's business. I love that the lesson isn't just about riding, but about taking care of the horse before and after her ride.

Then we were home again and Addy got to open one more present, this time from PopPop and me. I thought it was a safe bet that she'd like a Brave bow and arrow set, and I was right. Big hit!

She'll need a bit more practice before she's as good as her dad, but practicing can be fun too!

Pizza, yummy blue cake (with M&M topping!),

opening the rest of her gifts,

and modeling Merida hair

along with Mom

completed the big day.

Happy, happy birthday, Addison. And may you have many, many more!