Getting Stuff Done

We've been relaxing in Colorado, but I'm also getting projects finished. The thing of which I'm most proud though is helping oldest daughter pick out a sewing machine and teaching her to make t-shirt dresses.

The skirt on the first one turned out a little short,

but the second one is perfect,

especially after Rachel added a fabric flower and button necklace.

Can you tell Addy loves it?

I finished a Santa hat for Addy.

and have 2 more on the hook; a small one for Travis, at his mom's request, and a sparkly one for Rachel, who might have been just a little jealous that Addy got the first one.

The infinity ripple scarf

- from a pattern I made up as I went and hope I can duplicate -

just needs to be blocked and the final seam sewn. Please to admire the charming model and ignore the unwoven ends . . .

Last but definitely not least, the Christmas tree quilt is absolutely, positively finished.

Binding hand-sewn, hanging sleeve attached, and Santa label (which Addy picked out at the quilt store) filled in.

And in a genius moment, I had Addy write her name on the label.

I'm imagining the fun Addy will have, years from now, looking back at her 6-year-old writing. And, just maybe, remembering all the fun she had with Grandma and PopPop.