Weekly Wrap-Up

Stuff that didn't make the blog this week . . . 

Baby pictures!
Travis celebrated his first pumpkin hunt and his first Halloween. 
Isn't he just the cutest 10-month old?? And yeah, I might be a little biased . . .
Finished up more pillowcases. These are semi-matching ones for Leia and Leanne to use at nap-time.
I'm loving how easy these are to make; so bright and cheerful, and the little girls love them.

Date Day Thursday found us at the J. Paul Getty Museum,
wandering the gardens and exhibits
with Bill and Carolyn, who were visiting from Idaho. 
Check out what is being used to 'sculpt' these trees (click photo to enlarge)
Best use of rebar ever.


Anonymous said...

re: the semi-matching pillow cases...

so now you can tell whose drool is whose..

loving the sewing!


Elisa said...

Jenny, that made me laugh out loud. Hadn't thought of it that way before. :-)