Look who came for a visit today -
Mr. T, who's all of 6 months old now.
He brought his mom along too, something about celebrating her birthday. But we'll talk about that tomorrow. 

We went to lunch, where Travis promptly fell asleep on PopPop's shoulder. 
Can you tell that PopPop hated that? (not!) 
Then we came back home so my happy boy could practice his sit-ups, 
and push-ups,
and working his considerable wiles on the older ladies.
Leia and Travis adored each other. He wouldn't take his eyes off her when she was in the room. He tried to follow her around, but he hasn't quite got the crawling motions in the right order yet. You can tell it won't be long though.
Sure wish Travis and his parents lived closer, so the spoiling would be easier and more often!