FO and TdF

That's crochet code for 'finished object'. In this case, it's a Tunisian scarf . . . 
that I'm teaching as a class in less than 2 weeks. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh? 

I love that this is reversible and pretty on both sides - knit stitch on the front 
and ribs on the back.

TdF, aka Tour de Fleece, update: The leftover Spinderella is spun, 
plied - I got another 171 yards to add to last year's 248 -
soaked, whacked and drying. 
Hope to have pretty finished yarn pictures soon.

Plus, the mystery Susie batt is 3/4 spun.
Bobbin one - the first half of the batt - is resting, 
waiting for bobbin two to be finished, probably in another 2 days or so. 

This taking my time, not rushing through spinning every little bit of roving or batt, is very nice. Maybe I should relax, goal-wise, more often.