Random Crafty

I've finished a bunch of crafty stuff recently, but most of it was for other people, so I needed to gift it before I posted it here. So, in no particular order . . . 

Little Girl Dresses - I finished the latest batch - 2 for Addy and 1 for Leia - and put the ones going to Colorado in the mail Friday. 
Yesterday I received this picture (sorry for the cell-phone quality) and a note that Addy is refusing to take it off. Ever. Made my day. 
It's hard to see but Leia's wearing her dress in the top photo. It's a Merida from "Brave" t-shirt with a colorful giraffe skirt; she chose the fabric and is thrilled with it.

Alaska Scarves - my SIL and BIL are going camping in Alaska for 3 months in a teardrop trailer and jeep. Yep, we think they are crazy too. 
Even though it's summer, I figured they'd need something to help keep warm around the campfire, so I hooked up a couple of scarves.
Both are made using waffle stitch, my current favorite. The girl version is Liberty Wool (love that stuff!!) and the boy one is two strands of alpaca held together. They are both soft, squishy and warm.

Tour de Fleece 2012 - I've doing the Tour for (I think) the 6th year in a row. I stressed so much last year over 'goals' that I burned out on spinning - this is the first time I've fired up my wheel since Tour de France 2011 ended. So I've come up with a more reasonable plan (hubby is shocked; 'reasonable' is not usually in my nature.) I plan to spin a minimum of 30 minutes each day, more if I feel like it. 

I missed Day 1 - the Prologue - but I've spun every day since, averaging 85 minutes each day. I'll also be stashbusting, using fiber that's been around for awhile.
First up was 56 grams of Spinderella 'Harvest' that I thought I finished spinning last year. Surprise! It took 3 days, but it's definitely done now.
Next is a 6.35 ounce/180 gram batt that a friend made for me. Love these colors so much. I've forgotten what all is in there, so I need to ask her, again. And write it down so I don't forget. Again.          


Vickie said...

I'm the lucky SIL...eat your heart out everyone!

Petunia Pill said...

Ha ha...Vickie's comment is cute.

I, too, love the waffle weave stitch! I need to make a few scarves using that. I waffled myself out with a blanket...haven't taken it up since...but loved what it created! Your scarves are beautiful.

The reactions to your dresses...priceless!

MFG said...

Clever lady!