I've been bugging hubby to locate a metal yardstick so I could make a growth chart for the little girls. Leia seems to grow inches overnight and I wanted some way to track it. 
This wall outside the laundry room is now measurement central. Hubby tacked it up and I measured Leia - 41" (the ruler is 12" off the ground) and 42 pounds just 2 months shy of her 4th birthday
and Leanne - 32" and 24.5 pounds at 16 months -
and walked into the kitchen to put the marking pen away (maybe just a little bit longer . . . ) and returned to find this:
My little artist had been very busy. And how can you get mad when she proudly says, "Look Gamma, I made an 8!"

But you can bet that the marker her sister had "hidden" in her backpack is now hidden much, much better.
And much higher than 41".