Real Deal

Photos from the ballet recital.
Sorry for the crummy cellphone quality; we weren't supposed to take photos or video during the performance, so (almost) the only ones I have are from after. 
Leia did great! She loved being on stage, even helped one of the other girls remember where she was supposed to be during their dance. 
Leia's group was also in the grand finale. Being one of the youngest gets you a spot in the front row.
And - big surprise - Leia loved being the center of attention after the show. Mom gave her a purple flowered headband (top pic), Dad gave her long-stemmed roses, 
and Pegi, who runs Leia's daycare and who took Leia to practice every Wednesday morning, gave her a pink feather boa and a magic wand.
Remember the crying girl at dress rehearsal? She sailed through tonight's performance with nary a tear. Yay, Brooke!