Tour Company

Each night, Leia joins hubby and I as we watch the Tour de France. She has absolutely no interest in the bike race, but she wants to be with us (which I love.) 
She makes herself comfortable with blanket and pillow, picks a movie to watch on the iPad, has me put the headphones on for her (she can't get them to stay on her ears without help) and settles down for an hour or two of together time before bed.
While she's occupied, I spin. I finished plying the Susie Corriedale yarn yesterday - 
I still need to get it on the niddy noddy for a yardage count - and started another Bee Mice Elf project tonight.
I'm going to spin two Falkland colorways - Nutty 
and Plumage -
and then ply them together in a single yarn. I love brown and I love purple, so I'll love them even better together, right? ~crosses fingers~


Vickie said...

Grandkids are the BEST!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to how the purple & brown will spin up together!

Good luck!

Lately, I've been on a streak of pairing gray with purple, and before that, it was green.

Again, looking forward to seeing the brown :)