Woven Poncho

Finished up Marie's poncho today; the sewing almost took longer than the weaving, especially since I kept putting the seams on the wrong side of the fabric. In my defense, it was easy to make that mistake since this has morphed into a moebius poncho, with one seam on the opposite side from the others. Very confusing. But I think it turned out pretty cute.

The back

My weaving buddy - and our local Queen of Colors - helped me with the warp. I'd planned to use the same yarn for warp and weft, but Deb thought the yarn was too loosely spun for warp.
She suggested using two colors of blue as the warp, with my original yarn as the weft. Such a great idea - it gave lots of depth and visual interest to the plain weave structure. Sure hope Marie likes it. If not - I hope she gives it back to me. I *love* this thing.


Anonymous said...

LUCKY Marie!!! Stunning. :) v

Unknown said...

Really elegant.