On Saturday, Addy and I stayed home to watch the tree guys cut down the giant tree in her front yard. The poor thing was on its last legs and her parents were afraid a strong wind would blow it over onto the house. So while the others left to do other chores, Addy and I watched the arborists*. I'm sure the two guys were thrilled to have some crazy lady constantly taking their picture, but they didn't comment on it. And with Addy being Addy, she asked questions and talked the entire time. Some of my favorites:on the subject of what we should plant in place of the tree "In my garden (this year) I grew carrots and tomatoes and marshmallows."

"Without that tree, we can't exist."

Word of the Day: "Arborist - someone who takes care of trees and cuts down trees when they're dead. I'm not an arborist 'cause I can't cut down trees." Watching the tree come down was entertaining. Watching it with Addy was priceless.

*Whenever we come to visit Addy, I try to teach her a new word. She has such an extensive vocabulary that it's become difficult to find words she doesn't know. Friday's word was "bibliotheque - someone who loves books". Saturday's word was "arborist - someone who takes care of trees." Sunday's word was 'Barcalounger - what firemen sit in at the fire stations." (couldn't resist that one!)


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