In what is becoming a family tradition, we went to see the Colorado Eagles play (and win!) ice hockey tonight. We went for the first time last year (they won!) and loved it so John got tickets for all of us again this year.

Addison is a fan of ice hockey, but not of the noisy arena with the yelling and music and cowbells. A sold out stadium, with a local, enthusiastic audience, can be darn loud. The solution? Microphones (what Addy calls her ear protectors.)

The game was pretty boring - 0 to 0 (with some good fights thrown in) - until the final period when the Eagles got their act together and scored 3 goals, one with less than 2 minutes remaining. Addy spent most of her time watching the cheerleaders who were performing on a small stage right beside our seats. She was fascinated - and of course has decided to be a cheerleader when she grows up, along with a princess and a fighter-fighter (Addy-speak for firefighter).

The adults were more inclined to watch the temperature reading. 13F, with winds gusting to 25 mph, equals very, very cold even by Colorado standards. Want to know why it was windy? Addy said it was because God hit the wrong button and that made the wind blow. Makes perfect sense to me.