Happy Thanksgiving!

It's always been my job to make the deviled eggs for family holidays, all the way back to when I was a pre-teen. I thought this would be a good year to start teaching the next generation how to make that perfect egg.
Addy helped me put the eggs on to boil and then she cracked the shells so I could remove them. She cut the eggs in half with the safety knife her mom found in a kitchen store in Denver. I was surprised at how good a job it did; I was sure the dull edge would just mangle the eggs.
I removed the yolks and Addy helped me mash and smash them before we added the Miracle Whip, salt and vinegar. Rachel came up with the idea of using pastry bags to fill the eggs; it worked great and was easy for Addy to do on her own. After all that work, do you think Addy would eat a deviled egg? Not on your life. She asked for - and got - a bowl of chicken noodle soup while the rest of us enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast. Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!