Grand Time

**When we visit Colorado, we try to do lots of things with Addy. She's a happy, well-mannered kid so it's not a problem taking her places or trying new things. She always asks before she touches something (!! My kids never did that.) and if you say 'no', she just takes it in stride and moves on.

So far this trip we've visited antique stores, where we acquired Henrietta the Bunny; made an apron to use while cooking Thanksgiving dinner, including a clip-on flower that doubles as a hair bow;finished Addy's Mermaid Princess blanket; walked around downtown Ft. Collins while waiting for mom to get off work for lunch; and gone shopping for yarn to finish a shawl - where I just happened to find this great craft bag. It's suede on the outside, with lots of great zippered pockets for holding crochet necessities. I've never seen one like it.I love my local yarn shop, but I really love visiting new-to-me shops when we travel. You never know what you'll find.

**Check out Addy's new bike-riding skills here.


Carolyn P said...

I love this bag! How do I get one. who made it...may be on the net! lol