Yet Another Shawl

I should have been working on class samples this week, but this shawl caught my eye and I had.to.make.it.right.now. Actually, I needed something soothing to work on in the hospital while my father-in-law had his (successful!) hip surgery. This fit the bill perfectly. There are three sections, each a different pattern, but each a simple 2-row repeat. Easy to remember but changing often enough to keep my interest. The scallops in the third section are what caught my eye and made this a 'hafta have'.

The pattern is 'Juliette Shawl' f
rom Dora Ohrenstein's new book "Creating Crochet Fabric". The yarn is Lambspun's 'Prism', a 50/50 wool/silk blend that I bought probably 4 years ago in Colorado. I've tried to use this yarn a couple of times but always ended up frogging the project. Guess it was just waiting for the perfect pattern to come along. This is shawl #9 for '10 Shawls in 2010' - only one more to go. Details on my 'Juliette' are here.