Almost Two

Only 11 days until Leia's second birthday but she already has most of the "2" mannerisms down. She's getting very verbal, both using and understanding far more words than just a week ago. Her favorite word today was "mine" - it's the first time I'd heard her use it, so it was cute; bet that changes pretty quick - followed by "help, help" when she wanted something, like up onto the bed.

Leia loves singing songs, especially ones with hand motions like "Pat A Cake". She's usually more involved when she sings, but this time she was distracted by the camera.

Leia also loves wood puzzles. She'll play with this one for 30-45 minutes at a time, putting the pieces in, then dumping them out and starting all over again, usually while humming a little tune. We have another one with animals but she's not as fond of that one.

Notice the cat on the bed in the background? Snickers is our 'chicken kitty'; she doesn't care for most people, but especially not noisy little girls. Leia was all over the bed today, playing and singing, and Snickers didn't bat an eye. Pretty cool!