Happy Scary

I'm the resident geek in our household (scary thought!), so when our wireless computer network started slooooooowing down and giving very intermittent connections, it was my job to buy and install a new router. I carefully did my research - and then bought something totally different when we ran into a friend of Dick's at the computer store; he had paid a real-life geek to check out his system and tell him exactly what to buy, so - smart girl that I am - I bought what he did.
That was over a month ago. One reason to stall problem was that
the modem was buried behind the bookshelf in hubby's den. He unburied it and today - with fingers crossed - I powered everything down, unplugged, replugged, linked, dusted and successfully powered everything back up again. It's soooo much faster now, and - miracle of miracles - we can both be on the innernets at the same time!
Leia was visiting today and wanted to help me play with all the pretty cables but she was quickly distracted by the books on hubby's bookshelf. She checked
out several before choosing a small book on woodworking tools. Which she carried around with her, flipping pages, pointing at pictures and 'reading' to me for quite awhile. The funniest part? Reading while driving. Definitely a sign of things to come.


chikwithyarn said...

I am curious as to what your new router is. I have been having issues with ours. It is hard when the boys are playing online with the PS3 and I am on the internet. It seems I keep loosing my connection. Grrr.

Wenona said...

I have the exact same question. Which router did you get? Mine is driving me crazy.