Sheepies and Baseball

*Check out Rachel's new blog - and her winning Fair entries - here. (It's in addition to Love, Addy.)

Yesterday was packed with fiber from start to finish. We began about 9:30 (at the crack of dawn, according to Edie and me) with Sheep to Shawl at the Ventura Fair.

Yum! Fair food.

The idea is to take wool fresh from the sheep (ok, we cheat a little - the wool is washed and dyed before we start), card it into batts,
spin it into yarn
The fruits of our labor - spun, plied, and ready for weaving

and weave it into a shawl before 5:00 pm. With the help of 3 carders, 11 spinners and 1 weaver - we did it. The shawl will be auctioned off tonight during a BBQ dinner at the fairgrounds.

Then a few of us were off to Unwind in Burbank to join the Stitch 'n' Pitch party. An hour of shopping, eating pastries, and drinking champagne, then a luxury bus ride to Dodger stadium
to watch sit in the stands while the Dodgers got their butts handed to them played the Nationals. The two husbands that accompanied Colleen, Melinda, Edie and I actually thought they were there to watch the game. We knew better, of course. The game was just background noise for the important stuff.

And the icing on the cake?
A knitting bobblehead complete with scarf, needles and ball of yarn at the base. A perfect(ly silly) end to the day.