Fair Results

Dear Daughter was at the Fair today for opening day and sent me cell phone pix of all the projects I entered. It took her a bit of sleuthing, but she managed to find all 10.

And the results?

Handspun crocheted shawl. Cell phone photo = not so great detail or color.

Four blues (1st place), three of them for spinning, along with the crocheted doily rug. I was very surprised shocked by the spinning ribbons since I thought they had the least chance for awards.

Both of my handspun yarns took blue ribbons

Three reds (2nd place) for Addy's Mermaid Princess Blanket,
my handspun knit scarf and a crocheted sweater. One 3rd place for a crocheted scarf and an Honorable Mention for a crocheted shawl.

And the item with which I was most pleased, and thought had the best chance for blue?
The Doily Afghan got nada, but is prominently displayed in one of the glass showcases. Goes to show what I know when it comes to judging.


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Anonymous said...

Wahoo..congratulations! Judges are pretty smart. :) v

Gigi said...

Wow that was quite the winning streak! (Not that we expected anything less, you know how to ply that hook and the wheel, too) =-)