Yard Sale Finds

On Saturday, hubby went for his morning walk and came home with treasure - a horse and a hot rod for the baby grands. Both needed a good cleaning and some minor repairs but that was easily accomplished in time for the grand unveiling when Leia came over today.

And the look on her face when she first saw her 'neigh-neigh' was priceless. I don't think she's ever seen a rocking horse before but the minute she was on board, Leia started rocking, bouncing and saying 'whoa'.
She showed me where horsey's eyes, nose, mouth and ears were, all the while patting Neigh-neigh gently. (Unfortunately, the phone video I took of that lost the sound when I tried transferring it to the computer.) I think Leia's going to be as horse-crazy as her aunts. The car was the day's second big hit. We brought it indoors when one wheel kept sticking, sending Leia just a little bit too close to the street. Leia didn't seem to mind. She was all over the house, including following Marie to the bathroom and using the car as a (gentle) battering ram to open the (supposedly) locked door.

I'd say PopPop did okay with his treasure hunt.


Wenona said...

Good job Dick! I loved the video, her horse sound was perfect.